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Why a profile ?

If you have changed karma default values (master filename, configuration directory or template suffix), you need to specify your own values to karma. Since 2.0.0, this can not be done with command options. That’s where profile comes in !

Setting up profile

In your working directory (where you launch karma commands, generally application root directory), just write a .karma file.

├── env
│   └── master.conf
├── src
│   └── ...
├── vendor
│    └── ...
├── www
│    └── ...
├── composer.json
└── .karma

This file must be in written in YAML.


confDir: myEnvDir
suffix: -tpl
master: myMaster.conf
sourcePath: config/
targetPath: ../var/config/
confDir: env/
suffix: -dist
master: master.conf
    - config/
    - settings/
    - local/
targetPath: ../var/config/

Using profile

Nothing to do ! Karma tries to read your profile before applying default values.