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What is Karma ?

Karma is a PHP command line tool which hydrates source code with environment dependent values.

What does it solve ?

Karma manages environment dependent configuration : configuration values which change between development, staging, production or any other environment.

It allows you to version all your configuration values and deploy the correct ones.

Existing solutions

First alternative solution is to maintain one full configuration file per environment and to symlink the correct one. This solution is a nightmare to maintain because :

  • many values are duplicated
  • files become bigger and bigger (or too much file need to be created)
  • you must edit each file whenever you add one variable

Other solution is to build a hierarchical configuration system. This also fails because configuration dependencies between environments are not as simple as a hierarchical system :

  • you can need to maintain different environment as the same level : staging1, staging2
  • the way you read the hierarchy is not obvious : sometimes dev differs from all others, sometimes is production, ... This leads to duplication
  • it’s hard to have clear overview of all your configuration


All of these solutions have drawbacks. That’s why Karma was created !

How does it work ?

Karma offers you to transform your configuration files into template files, whatever the format. For example, your db.ini file below:


will be replaced by its template db.ini-dist :


Environment dependent values will be stored in a dedicated file master.conf :

  prod =
  default =

  prod = mySecretPass
  integration, staging = otherPass
  dev = awfulPassword


Application still uses the db.ini file which henceforth needs to be generated

This generation will be performed by karma hydrate command :

karma hydrate --env=dev src/

which will generate this db.ini file :


while the same command with –env=prod option would generate :



With karma, your application does not need to know about environment at all !