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Contributing to Karma


All contributions are welcomed, even the smaller !


You can fork this documentation on github and submit pull requests. You only have to edit .rst files with a text editor.

If you want to compile it, you will need :

  • python
  • sphinx

Please refer to sphinx documentation to install these items.

To compile, use the makefile :

make html


Html generated site will be under build directory


Just fork the repository on github and submit pull requests.

Please follow these simple rules before submitting pull requests :

  • Update unit tests and run them
  • Follow coding standards (check build/phpcs.xml for exact rules)
  • Be careful of encoding (utf8 + unix line delimiters only)
  • Ideally, rebase your branch and clean your commit messages (squash your commits if needed)

To run the unit tests, just call phpunit (it will use phpunit.xml configuration file)


Thank you for your contributions !


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